Increasing Data Centres in India, a beginning to become a Global Data Hub

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With the rising demands of data centres in India, the IT industry has boosted the employment opportunities for IT professionals and services. After the IT revolution, the internet revolution. India is becoming the epicentre of the global data revolution. India is about to become the world’s best bet in IT & Cloud Computing. With the billions worth of investments coming in across the globe. Above all, Our nation is about to witness an unbelievable digital transformation.

The Union Budget 2021 has taken steps in the right direction for the Indian Tech Industry. The government focuses on developing digital infrastructure and digitization in governance. India has attracted numerous foreign investments in the development of IT infrastructure across the nation.
With Noida leading the way, the Adani Group has acquired more than 8 acres of land to build data centres. As proposed, these could be the most comprehensive data centres around Delhi-NCR. Additionally, EverYondr, an international data centre giant is investing 1 billion dollars across multiple locations in India.Infrastructure Development for the Data Centres in India

Infrastructure Development & Data Demand in India

MAQ India has also purchased more than 4 acres of land to build data centres in Noida. Furthermore, Hiranandani Group has proposed to invest a whopping 8 billion dollars in setting up their data centre. Similarly, SS Telemedia and Netmagic Services are investing 1 billion and 2 billion dollars, respectively.
International technology leader Microsoft is also expecting to invest 210 million dollars. This tech giant is buying land for constructing data centres in Telangana. Microsoft has previously invested in Jamnagar, Gujarat, and Nagpur, Maharashtra. In partnership with Reliance, they have already created Jio-Azure data centres.

On the other hand, Chennai has also seen some promising investors for creating data centres. A Singapore-based startup is investing nearly 2 billion dollars from acquiring land to set up the data centres. Chennai is one of the locations having the most high-grade infrastructure and quality equipment readily available. Many data management and technology companies are in the advanced stages of building data centres in Chennai.

Web Werks is making the largest data hub in Navi Mumbai with the land acquisition of 6.6 acres. They have planned to invest nearly 900 million dollars in building a data centre in Airoli, Navi Mumbai.
Although India experiencing billions of dollars of investment from all directions, this is certainly just the start of new digital development. India is anticipating nearly 50 billion dollars of foreign investment in the next two years. By witnessing the growth in the IT infrastructure, more businesses are going to adopt cloud-based applications.

Managing the most reliable Data Centres in India

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