Data Centre Managed Services to manage your IT Infrastructure

Our next-generation data centre management will ensure enhanced security and resilient operations resulting in uninterrupted IT operations.

  • Service Desk Operations
  • Storage & Database Management
  • Server Load Balancers
  • Data Centre Automation
  • Application Monitoring
  • Backup & Recovery Management
  • Server Virtualization
  • Cybersecurity Solutions

Managing data centres with an in-house team will significantly increase the efforts that may cost you time and money. With the rapid growth of data centres across the nation, the value of data has become crucial for any IT infrastructure.

Outworks team understands the value of data centre management, so we aim to manage the data centres that ensure minimum downtime. You will benefit from an experienced team that is managing 2,000+ servers pan India. Your deliverables are our priority, and likewise, our managed services will enable you with scalability and security.

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End-to-end Data Centre Management Services

Run your business 24×7 without any interruption. Our technical service team will make sure your IT operations are up and running all the time. We achieve this with the services under a structured scope of work and SLA based deliverables to improve the turnaround time.

The need for entrusting managed services is when you want continuous monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, software patching, and performance tuning. As technology partners, we propose cost-effective solutions, secured infrastructure, and innovation to support your business growth.


We take responsibility for managing daily operations of the service desk, managing the service desk team, and helping to ensure that the service desk is constantly developing and improving. That includes the ability to coach and train the team.

We design intelligent storage solutions for your database management. Our team will ensure the network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of applications and data. It will help you to add scalability to your infrastructure.

Add server load balancers for distributing network traffic across multiple servers. By single server not bearing too much demand, it will improve application responsiveness and also increase the availability of applications and websites for users.

Our team is skilled at proactive problem solving and improving network operations. Data centre monitoring helps in achieving better performance, security uptime, increased efficiency, and stability. Moreover, we monitor all data centre components, including computers, storage, network and software.

Execute routine workflows and processes of a data centre like scheduling, monitoring, maintenance, application delivery, etc., without human administration. And, automating tasks results in increased agility and operational efficiency.

Our data backup and recovery will support your business continuity and minimize data loss. Outworks enable you with scalable data protection for your diverse workloads. We manage SLA based backup, recovery, and data retention solutions that will significantly reduce downtime.

We transform data centres hosted on physical servers to virtual data centres with the help of cloud computing technology. And allowing you to store more data without having to buy more hardware. Therefore, reducing the cost spent on lack of downtime, easier maintenance, less electricity used.

We provide enhanced safety against cyberattacks, while data protection covers a set of issues related to data storage, management and access. Intrusion detection systems, IP address monitoring, and firewalls are a few ways to protect your data centre from outside breaches and ensure its security.


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Build an IT Infrastructure with Data Centre Services for Monitoring, Flexibility, & Control

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Outworks Solutions provides data centre managed services pan India. We have a team of more than 1,000 skilled professionals working to ensure the IT operations are running smoothly.

Furthermore, we also manage hosting, cloud infrastructure, and data migration. We aim to strengthen your technical backbone and make a robust infrastructure, resulting in definite operations.

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