Hiring technical professionals? How to improve the recruitment and selection process

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Effective talent-hiring is a process of searching, profiling, and forwarding suitable candidates that meet your project requirements. A good recruiter knows how to improve the recruitment process and understands finding talent is not just about speed but quality & the right profile match for the skill set. Although when it comes to recruiting candidates, hiring the right candidate as soon as possible is equally essential. An efficient recruiter must have a subtle balance between the speed of deliverability and the quality of profiles. Often the hiring process may not be fast enough. Delay in hiring the required candidate may result in costly delays, inefficient project management, and loss in revenue.

Unfortunately, the average time to hire for an in-house recruiting team is somewhere around 45 to 50 days from job opening to the final handshake. Whereas, hiring for mid to senior-level resources Outworks team has been providing resources within 30 days. That significantly speeds up the hiring process and keeps your technical operations up & running.

This question must have popped off your head many times, How do you make your company grow? Sales & Marketing operations play a significant role only when you hire the right people for appropriate positions. how to improve the recruitment and selection process? Now, that question doesn’t have a simple answer. That is because the future of your organisation depends on it. The role of hiring managers is the most dynamic and highly responsible, which is why they do not have a laidback approach to their work. Building a team is the building block of an organisation, and these decisions require the serious scrutinisation of the candidate. That includes reviewing resumes and screening candidates through interviews. Often, there are a few mistakes that many recruiters make, such as cloning a job description, improper communication, and poor profiling of the candidate. However, with an agile hiring and onboarding process in place, you will soon be able to recruit and hire the best candidates.

How to improve your recruitment and selection process?

Hiring talents is a vital process of being a business leader. However, as an employer, your branding can attract more candidates. Promoting a positive work environment and ensuring employee satisfaction will help create a preferable employer brand. Working on your employer’s brand makes your organisation stand apart in the crowd. That will also reduce the employee resignation rate and boost your employee retention rate. Psychologically, candidates feel secure and happy in a well-cultured environment. And educating them thoroughly about your work culture will bring ease to your overall hiring process. With effective branding, your current employees will cheerfully refer your organisation to their network.

Detailed & relevant job description

As observed, recruiters tend to add unnecessary details to the job description. Doing that prolongs the hiring process, and possibly a perfect candidate may ignore your job post. Furthermore, an endless job description intimidates candidates from applying for the job post. A short, crisp, to-the-point job description will receive more applicants. Moreover, considering the skills required for the position to meet your project needs is what recruiters must focus on, i.e., mentioning only the most vital qualifications the candidates need.

Significantly, all job descriptions should focus on your project requirements instead of what, ideally, your competitors are hiring. In other words, your job descriptions should not be a clone of other companies’ requirements. They should reflect your needs with originality.

Rigorous screening of the candidate

Once you start receiving candidate profiles, detailed screening of those candidates is equally vital. Hence, poor screening of candidates may result in poor judgement, resulting in unacceptable performance and unexpected early resignations. Therefore streamlining your profile screening process will speed up and help you shortlist your desired applicant. In other words, narrowing down your ideal candidates becomes much easier with thorough screening. Similarly, if some profiles are rejected or not shortlisted can be separated according to skill set, designations, qualification, location, etc. That will help you create your database of profiles, and you can directly contact them in future.

Likewise, you can also standardize your interview process through rounds to further screen the applicants. You can also indulge with the technical team to participate in the interview process. That will make your hiring process more effective and help you test the applicant more vigorously. On the other hand, it will add more enthusiasm to the current team. And lastly, before onboarding, background verification of the applicant is a must to know more about them.

Integrate technology into your hiring process

Many tools are available to simplify your screening and hiring process to filter candidates according to hiring needs. A hiring tool makes it easier for recruiters to view an applicant’s performance. The software will help you search for applicants faster and speed up decision-making. It will automatically filter out candidates based on keywords, i.e., skills, experience, qualifications, etc. Further, automatic rankings can help you compare resumes according to your job description. You can also automate such mundane tasks and efficiently manage your overall hiring process.

Maximise the use of technology by adding more job posting on your website. That will be an additional inbound approach to get more applicants for your job requirement. A structured career page will make your organisation an appealing brand among the applicants. 

Outsourcing your resources to improve the recruitment process

Staffing companies already work on multiple skill sets and designations, and working with a hiring partner, you can outsource the above hiring process. As they already have a pool of candidates ready to be onboarded, that is equal to having a candidate readily available to join your team.

As hiring partners to India’s tier-one IT companies, we understand how to improve the recruitment process. Collaborating with Outworks Solutions will reduce the burden of searching for profiles and screening them individually. Our technical recruiters will understand your requirement and provide you with suitable candidates. That will significantly increase your hiring process, and you will receive pre-screened profiles eligible to join your organisation. Similarly, working with us increases the project scalability, and you can increase and decrease the number of people on the project. That way, you reduce your project cost, and your technical operations are always running smoothly.

Intelligent talent management is the solution for a better tomorrow. Your business operations will be unaffected when you partner with India’s most reliable staff augmentation company.